The Junior Grange Passport is designed to be an exciting and innovative way for Juniors to learn more about their world, their country, their state, their community, and their Grange.

The PASSPORT program is taking place of the previous Merit Badge program. Through an online digital format, leaders will now have easier access to stamps that will not require a purchase, and thus save on programing costs within your state. This format will allow us to have constant changes and additions, that will grant us the ability to spotlight important issues or events throughout history. This transition will be beneficial to all Junior Grangers, Leaders, and Educators. Junior Grangers will now have an easy to handle notebook that will allow them the ability to keep track of their accomplishments and utilize them as resources for outside studies. Educators will be able to utilize the Passports as part of their curriculum, encouraging their students to learn more about the Grange and other educational entities that the will be offered. Leaders will appreciate the ability to have immediate availability of the downloadable stamps, making it easier to plan and award Juniors with a stamp in their PASSPORT.

The program is broken down into five categories:

  1. Grange History
  2. Grange States
  3. Career Readiness
  4. American History
  5. World Discovery

It is highly encouraged that each Junior Director promote the use of the PASSPORT program. The completion of these stamps not only gives each Junior a sense of accomplishment, it also provides a challenging educational foundation. Through the PASSPORT program Juniors will gain knowledge about the Grange and the world around them that will last beyond the time they spend in the Junior Grange. Laying the path for a strong future leader.

Be sure to check the Junior Grange website where you will be able to download the current PASSPORTS And be sure to check back often as there may be new Stamps introduced throughout the year!

Download the Passport Submission Form
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