Deadline: February 1- Sponsored by Potomac Grange #1, Washington, DC

Any Youth, Young Adult, or Junior that has applied to attend the Washington DC Experience is eligible to apply for the Grange Grassroots Activism Scholarship. The scholarship application with supplemental materials will be submitted to the National Grange Junior Director and will be passed along to the National Grange Legislative Director and Potomac Grange #1 for selection. Two travel/lodging scholarships, not to exceed $800, will be awarded.

Applicants must submit ALL of the following:

  1. The completed application form.
  2. Junior Members:
    1. Submit an Op-ed you wrote advocating on behalf of the Grange for a specific issue that is affecting your home, school, or community.
      1. Include the following in your statement
        1. What the issue is
        2. Use your words to give your opinion on the topic
        3. Decide how the issue can be resolved with the Grange’s help
        4. Convince me to help you resolve the issue
  3. An essay about what you want to gain by attending the Washington Experience
  4. Two letters of reference; one from your State Master/President, State, Subordinate/Community, or Pomona Legislative Director or State Youth Director or from a National Grange Officer demonstrating your character, ability for engagement and activism and interest in Grange policy. The second letter can be from anyone outside of the family unit


Grange Grassroots Activism Application
Grange Grassroots Activism Application