2021 Awareness Award Theme: ECOSYSTEMS

Complete the following tasks to receive your 2021Awareness Award!

  1. RESEARCH: Define what an ECOSYSTEM is. Research the different types of ecosystems. Read a book or two about ecosystems. (This is a great time to check out resources from your local library.)
  2. RESEARCH: What careers could you have if you studied ECOLOGY? If you can find someone in your community who works in this field and interview them.
  3. RESEARCH: Learn about an ecosystem near where you live. Find out about the animals, plants, water and more that are in your ecosystem. What makes it unique?
  4. RESEARCH: How have humans made an impact (positive or negative) on the ecosystem?
  5. SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW: Create a poster to inform people how they can help better our ecosystem.
  6. STEM – Create a pop (soda) bottle ecosystem-There are many different versions of this online-but for most of them you will need: clear 2-3 liter soda bottle, a small plant *annual/house plats work best, 2-3 small fish, aquarium rocks, string, paper coffee filters, and water. Manage your newly created ecosystem for as long as you can and take notes on what you see happening over a period of one (1) month.
  7. SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW: draw and label a diagram of the ecosystem you built and explain how the parts of the ecosystem work.
  8. SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW: Write a paragraph explaining how you had to care for the ecosystem you built versus how people have to care for the ecosystems around them.In this paragraph list 5 ways we can better care for our ecosystem.
  10. SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW: Take all of the things you learned about ECOSYSTEMS and make a plan on how you are going to inform your Grange/Community to better care for the ecosystems around them.

Submit the following information:

  • Title of the book you read
  • Pictures of the Ecosystem you built
  • Copy of your diagram
  • Copy of your poster
  • Copy of your paragraph
  • Copy of the completed passport
  • Pictures of your efforts to bring awareness! (Talking to neighbors, at your Grange meeting, hanging flyers, etc…)

The Awareness Awards will be presented during the Junior Grange Breakfast at National Session. If you are unable to attend National Session we will send your certificate home with your State President or another representative. Awards will be given to either Individuals or Junior Granges.

Individual Junior Submissions MUST HAVE

  • Name
  • Age
  • Grange Name & Number
  • State
  • Mailing Address
  • Email/ Phone Number

Junior Grange Submissions MUST HAVE:

  • Junior Grange Name & Number
  • Junior Leader’s Name
  • State
  • Mailing Address
  • Email/Phone Number