2018 Awareness Award Theme: POLLINATOR AWARENESS

Complete the following tasks to receive your 2018 Awareness Award!

  • Research the different types of pollination and who our pollinators are. Talk to a local Master Gardener about their importance and what you can do to help.
  • Create a pollination diagram and a flyer about the importance of Pollinators; place the flyers up at your Grange Hall, local businesses, and/or grocery stores.
  • Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to not use toxic chemical pesticides
  • Find out what plants pollinators are drawn to and plant a small (or large) pollinator garden. Or help a local gardener or small group plant a garden.
  • Build a ‘bee condo’ or an ‘insect hotel’ or bird house/ butterfly house (instructions on how to build a bee condo are available on pollinator.org)
  • Speak at your Junior Grange and/or Subordinate Grange about the importance of pollinators!


Submissions for Award:

  • Submit a copy of your flyer and diagram
  • Submit pictures of your ‘bee condo’
  • Any written testimonials about your efforts to bring awareness
  • Junior Leader must submit a letter stating your efforts.
  • Submit pictures of your efforts to bring awareness! (Talking to neighbors, at your Grange meeting, hanging flyers, etc…)


The Awareness Awards will be presented during the Junior Grange Breakfast at National Session. If you are unable to attend National Session we will mail your certificate.

  • All Articles Submitted MUST have the Juniors
    • Age
    • Name
    • Grange Name & No.
    • State
    • Mailing Address
    • Will you be attending National Session?