Complete the following tasks to receive your 2020 Awareness Award!

  1. Research the affects that Agriculture has on the environment-this is a very broad topic-do some research and dive in a little deeper to an area that interests you. Find someone in your community that works in that field and interview them to find out more about how their job has an effect on agriculture and the environment.
  2. Either at home, school, or Grange create a compost pile-see how much compost you can create over 1 month time-bonus points if you continue this project all year-report back to your Grange on what you learned.
  3. Create a flier to be distributed or hung up at your Grange Hall or local establishments-This flier must contain information based on the area of interest you researched.
  4. Learn how to reduce-reuse-and recycle. Create a chart to be hung up in your Grange Hall, home, and/or school indicating the items that you can recycle. -Report to your Junior Grange the impact you have seen with recycling.
  5. Many items can be used in multiple ways-find items around your house that can be recycled and create something new out of that item-submit a picture of the item you created.
  6. Speak at your Junior Grange and/or Subordinate Grange about the importance of protecting our environment and the affects that agriculture has on the environment.

Submit the following information:

  • Copy of your flyer and chart
  • Pictures of you interviewing a community worker.
  • Pictures of your composting efforts
  • Pictures of your efforts to bring awareness! (Talking to neighbors, at your Grange meeting, hanging flyers, etc…)

The Awareness Awards will be presented during the Junior Grange Breakfast at National Session. If you are unable to attend National Session we will send your certificate home with State President or another representative. Awards will be given to either Individuals or Junior Granges.

Individual Junior Submissions MUST HAVE

  • Name
  • Age
  • Grange Name & Number
  • State
  • Mailing Address
  • Email/ Phone Number

Junior Grange Submissions MUST HAVE:

  • Junior Grange Name & Number
  • Junior Leader’s Name
  • State
  • Mailing Address
  • Email/Phone Number