The National Junior Grange Public Speaking Contest will be held during the National Grange Convention held every November. This contest will be open to all State and Regional Junior Grange Public Speaking winners and will be judged during the contest time at National Session. Winners will be announced during the Grange Night of Honors and the Best of Show winner will present their speeches that evening.


Age:  5 – 14 years of age

Participants must have achieved First Place in their State Junior Public Speaking Competition. One participant in each category (Short Story/ Prepared) may represent their state as the State Grange Best of Show winner at National Convention.

Names, age, speech title, and State name must be turned in by November 1st to the National Junior Grange Director, Samantha Wilkins via email to


Impromptu– (only a state contest) The contestant will draw 3 topics from a mystery bag and select one of those topics to give their speech on. The contestant must meet a minimum of 1 minute with no more than 3 minutes for their speech.

Short Story- The contestant may present a published short story or poem of their choosing. The contestant must meet a minimum of 1 minute with no more than 3 minutes for their story.

Prepared- Deliver a prepared speech written by the contestant. The contestant must meet a minimum of 3 minutes with a maximum of 5 minutes for their prepared speech. This speech must be on one of the following topics: How I can be the difference in my community, what makes a good leader, why the Junior Grange is important to me, or how/why is becoming a young advocate an important step for my future.


The contestant will be judged in the National contest in the following areas:

Text: Content: Information gathered and included in speech. Composition: the speech was compiled in a manner that was easy to understand.  Topic: Topic was clearly researched, and personal connection was made.

Delivery: Voice: spoke clearly and was easy to understand. Command of Audience: speaker can engage and captivate the audience with the message of the speech. Stage Presence: speaker is dressed neatly and appropriately, poised, and reduced nervousness. Expression: speech delivered with enthusiasm and emotion. Mannerisms and Gestures: Does not have any distracting mannerisms or gestures that are not purposeful and effective.

Time: 1 point deducted for every 30 seconds under/over the time limit.

Outline: A copy of speech or the outline was presented to the judges.


1st-3rd place winners in each age category will receive cash prizes.
A Best of Show winner will also be announced and given the opportunity to present their speech at the Junior Grange Breakfast.

*Note no funding will be provided to attend the National Grange Session*