Do you have a Junior Granger who has gone above and beyond for the Grange and their community? Now it is the time to honor them in a special recognition during the National Grange Session. Junior Grangers who plan, participate, and serve their communities will have the opportunity to be honored for their hard work.

Juniors are challenged to put on their capes and get out into their communities.


The purpose of the Cape of Honor award is to spotlight our Junior Grangers that are doing the work of true Grangers and going above and beyond our expectations. Every Junior that submits an application and meets the tier requirements will be recognized during the Night of Honors at National Session; however, the Junior Granger with the most community service hours served in a 1-year time frame will be named as the Junior Granger of the Year. Submissions must be postmarked by September 1.

All Applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Junior Grange member in good standing
  2. Must be between the ages of 5-14 at time of submission and not yet received the obligation into the Subordinate Grange.
  3. Junior Granger is expected to keep track of community service hours August 1 of the current year through July 31 of the following year. (Example August 1, 2021- July 31, 2022)
  4. Junior Granger must keep track of their projects throughout the year.

All Applicants must submit the following:

  1. Application form (found on next page)
  2. A letter from the Junior applicant stating “Why they have a passion to serve their communities and what their favorite service project was from the last year”
  3. A list of service projects done throughout the year- along with how many hours each project took from start to finish.
  4. The number of community service hours completed.
  5. A headshot of the applicant.
WHITE TIER: Junior must complete between 10-100 community service hours to complete this tier.
RED TIER: Juniors must complete 101-200 hours of community service to complete this tier.
BLUE TIER: Juniors must complete 201-300 hours of community service to complete this tier.
GOLD TIER: Juniors must complete over 301 hours of community service to complete this tier

The Junior Granger with the MOST community service hours will be named


Junior applicants are encouraged to attend National Grange Session bur are not required.  If Junior is not in attendance the award will be sent with the State Junior Director or State Master.
**At this time applicants are invited to attend National Convention and all Junior activities at their own cost**

Cape of Honor Award
Application Form