The National Junior Grange Sign-A-Song Contest will be held during the National Grange Convention every November. This contest will be open to all State and Regional Junior Grange Sign-A-Song winners and will be judged during the contest time at National Session. Winners will be announced during the Grange Night of Honors and the Best of Show winner will present their sign a song that evening.

REQUIREMENTS: Age:  5- 14 years of age

Novice, Hobbyist, Group

All National Junior Grange competition participants must have achieved First Place in their State Junior Competition, or Best of Show at their Regional Competition. One participant from each category may represent their state at National Convention. And the Best of Show winner may represent from their region.

Names, age, song title, and state must be turned in by November 1st to the National Junior Grange Director, at


The contestants will be judged in the following areas:

Communication: Utilization of total communication, Sign Language Ability, Signs clearly with correct interpretation.

Expression: Body expression/Displays Emotion. Expresses Key thoughts with body movements. Mouths words for lip reading.

Overall Presentation: Dressed appropriately. Confidence. Timing/Uniformity

Signer must have a song selection that is appropriate with a clear meaning and one that is appropriate for the participants signing ability. Participant must sign their own name, the title of the song, and inform the judges and audience of the type of sign being used. (Pidgin, ASL, ESL, etc.)

1st-3rd place winners in each age category will receive cash prizes. A Best of Show winner will also be announced and given the opportunity to present their Sign-A-Song at the Grange Night of Honors.
*Note no funding will be provided to attend the National Grange Session*