TOPIC: The National Grange Theme for this year is Raised Right Here. In your own words tell me what that means to you.
  1. Must be a Junior Grange Member
  2. Length- Each entry must be a minimum of 1 pages long and a maximum of 4 pages. Double spaced, typed or handwritten.
  3. Each entry must be labeled on the back with an index card stating, in clear handwriting or typed, the following information:
    • Name
    • Age (and birthdate)
    • State
    • Grange name and number
    • Mailing address

Submissions may be sent via e-mail as PDF documents by September 1st.

Mailed submissions must be postmarked by September 1st of current year.

Will be broken down into 3 age categories:

Group 1: 5-7
Group 2: 8-10
Group 3: 11-14

AWARDS: Cash prizes for 1st-3rd place winners in each age category will be awarded during the Junior Breakfast at National Session. Winners not present will have their awards mailed to them

Judging will be based off creativity, originality, and use of theme.

2021 Creative Writing Winners

Best of Show: Age 5-7:  Age 8-10:  Age 11-14: 
Annette Hartley, RI 1ST:  Addison Conroy, VA 1ST: Kimber Newman, KS 1ST: Annette Hartley, RI
2ND: Brianna Gervais, CT