Child safety is of the utmost importance in any organization for children.

Leaders shall comply with the background clearance requirements and approval process of their individual states. State Grange Leaders should be proficient and knowledgeable in the rules and regulations for background clearances within their own states.

Leaders shall also subscribe to the buddy system during Junior Grange activities – i.e. a minimum of two Junior Grange Leaders at each activity. This provides better supervision of the children involved as well as accountability for everyone.

Child Safety is not just for the physical safety of the children but also applies to the environment for learning. Providing an environment for children to experiment with new tasks, and knowledge is important. Allowing them to learn to succeed and how to fail forward will improve their critical thinking skills at a younger age. Children have to be taught how to lose graciously and how to win graciously. The Junior Grange program provides an avenue to develop their own talents while recognizing the talents of others.

This type of environment will also provide opportunities for children to develop a network support system they will be able to use throughout their lives in any avenue they wish to pursue.