The National Grange and National Junior Grange and Youth Departments encourage you to follow the National Grange Child Protection Policy and obtain a background check through the company “Safe Gatherings” as an alternative for having to obtain and find your own background check company.It is highly encouraged to have every person in our organization that is working in a supervisory position with our Juniors and Youth under 18 years of age to undergo this background check through Safe Gatherings as it is a National Background Check program that covers many levels of security checks as well as providing a training on working with vulnerable youth and adults.

The benefits of utilizing Safe Gatherings for the Grange is:

  • A No Hassle system: State Presidents, Directors, and Leaders now have the pressure taken off them to make sure these critical steps are taken appropriately in accordance of their state laws.
  • Everything is handled from the National Grange office and your information is kept 100% safe and secure through the Safe Gatherings Network. (No personal information is held with the National Grange)
  • Safe Gatherings provides 4 levels of background checks: Local, State, National, and Sex Offender.
  • Safe Gatherings provides Professional Reference Checks
  • Safe Gatherings provides training for abuse prevention and ideas on how to appropriately work with minors who are at their most vulnerable time in life.
  • LOW COST- the break down cost for the 2-year clearance through Safe Gatherings is less than $2.00 a month.
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Our vision is for a world in which all children, youth, and vulnerable adults are protected and feel safe.

Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in, which is why Safe Gatherings has created a comprehensive system that screens and educates staff and volunteers – to help prevent abuse and make the world a safer place for those among us who are most vulnerable.

For more information: Please contact National Junior Grange Director
Samantha Wilkins at 210.838.7892 or