The Grange In Action program is designed to encourage all Granges to be active in their communities and complete events or projects, no matter how small. Any Grange that does not complete the application for Distinguished Grange can participate in this program.

Granges who wish to be recognized at the 2022 National Convention as a “Grange In Action” should complete the following requirements:

  • Submit a 1 page letter size with color pictures and brief caption of at least 3 various events/activities that the Grange either sponsored or assisted with from Sept 1, 2021 to Sept 1, 2022 -anything over 1 page will be disqualified
  • The Grange Name, number and State must be on the front of the page
  • On a separate page please include the Name, address, phone and/or cell number and email address of whom submitted the Grange in Action
  • Granges that qualify for the 2022 Distinguished Grange award are not eligible for this recognition.
  • Deadline to submit the 1 page to National Grange is September 25, 2022 postmark or electronic by midnight on September 25, 2022
  • Mail to National Grange, Attn. Loretta Washington – 1616H Street, NW, 11thFl. Washington, DC 20006
  • Email to Loretta Washington at please put in the subject line for the email: Grange in Action report

To be named a “State Grange in Action”, a State Grange must have at least 6 Granges recognized as “Grange In Action.”

Some of the entries will be on display at next year’s National Convention.

Those Granges that submitted a 1 page entry will receive a certificate with the National Grange President’s signature.