The National Grange has a quarterly print magazine and you’re invited to contribute content for it!
From photos to essays, poems to portraits, we invite submissions.


There is no age restriction on any creative submission category, so Juniors interested in photography, creative expression through poetry and prose may submit to communications@nationalgrange.org before any deadline of upcoming editions. We also accept D-I-Y craft projects with step-by-step instructions, a list of necessary materials, photos of each step (high quality) and a short introduction to the project. When submitting by email, please keep each email under 5MB or contact the Communications Department to determine other submission options.


Each issue has a theme and we have open contests for entries. Top entries will be sent along to the Communications Department for inclusion in the upcoming magazine and all those who submit will receive a certificate.

Submissions may be made via email to juniors@nationalgrange.org. The entire email should be 5MB or smaller or you should contact the Junior Department to determine other submission options.

February 15, 2021 (Spring 2021 Issue) – Family Time
May 1, 2021 (Summer 2021 Issue) – Exploration
August 1, 2021 (Fall 2021 Issue) – How to Welcome “The New Kid”
November 1, 2021 (Winter 2021 Issue) – A book everyone should read


The work must be your own original writing, photography or art. You may get your parent, guardian or another mentor or adult’s assistance to write or create the piece, but we expect all those who assist to adhere to high ethical standards and allow the Junior’s work to be reflected without influence by the adult/older assistant.