In this section you will find information on the National Junior Grange Community Service Project, Cape of Honor, Grange in Action, and Community Service Report.

National Junior Grange Community Service Project

Teaching our children about community service is more important than ever. Community service has been a foundational piece for the Grange since its beginning. This year Junior Grangers across the country are encouraged to take part in a service project together. The basis of this project will be the same across all Junior Granges, but each Grange is encouraged to make the project unique and mold it to fit within their communities.

The goal of the 2024 Junior Grange service project is to teach kids how businesses and community organizations work. Juniors are encouraged to learn how to plan and carry out a plan of action. They are taught within service projects how to communicate with others, accomplish a task, and learn the process and rules of carrying out a service project.

2024 Junior Grange Service Project: Local Food/Supply Drive

Step 1: Identify a need within your community. Where are the supplies you collect going to go? While organizing a food/supply drive, Juniors are to figure out what the most needed items for their drive should include- this can be toiletry items, non-perishables, or more specific items such as just peanut butter.

Step 2: Locate a local organization/company that you can partner with- is your local grocery store or food service facility willing to partner with you or help you in your event.

Step 3: Develop a plan in order to have a successful event. This includes deciding on how you are going to advertise the event, if you need a budget for the event, and how long you want the event to run.

Step 4: Do the project- put your plan into action.

Step 5: Reflect- discuss with your group the good, the bad, and how you can improve the next service project. Discuss what you have learned and identify who you may have helped in this project.