What is the Junior Grange?

  • One of America’s First and Finest Youth Organizations

Adopted as part of the National Grange in 1888

  • A Leadership Development Program for Boys and Girls Ages 5 – 14

Develops a spirit of respect, cooperation and concern for others

  • A Fraternal Organization

Patterned after the parent organization, The Grange – Order of the Patrons of Husbandry.

  • American Values – Hometown Roots

The Junior Grange program helps children and families continue to build family values throughout their communities.

Aims and Purposes

The Junior Grange – An Organization for America’s Boys and Girls

Junior Grange Motto: Improvement

What the Junior Grange does:

  • Builds Character and Self Confidence
  • Provides Leadership Opportunities
  • Develops Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation
  • Teaches Parliamentary Procedures
  • Entertains and Elevates the Members
  • Provides Social Interaction
  • Encourages Honor, Patriotism, Truth and Morality
  • Promotes Interest and Understanding of Agriculture
  • Develops Creativity, Initiative and Talents
  • Encourages a Desire to Help Others
  • Benefits the Community and Emphasizes Family Values
  • Strengthens the Grange and the Family