Through the National Grange Community Service Department

The intent of this collaborative program between these two departments is to bring attention to the community service projects Junior Granges are doing. We know that some Junior Granges either perform C/S projects on their own or in conjunction with their sponsor Granges. This would also be a way to enhance the 1 Plus program by drawing attention to what a single JG is doing in their community and hopefully pique the interest of other children in that age range.

Each Junior Grange or 1 plus member would enter a short report/booklet not to exceed 3 pages (front and back). These should include an information page about the submitting JG, which would mirror what the Subordinate Grange submits for their State Grange report book. The report would be for just a singular project to make it easier for the JG’s to put together the report.


  1. Short paragraph about the project
  2. Newspaper article
  3. Pictures
  4. Paragraph from the JG Leader about how this impacted the community and what the JG’s learned.




Any projects completed after 12/1/2021 can be entered for this year’s contest


  1. The Junior Grange leaders throughout each state should submit their reports to the state community service director or person within state that collects subordinate CS books. Judges for the CS books should also be the judges for the Junior reports.
  2. Each winning report should be sent to National Junior Grange Director, Samantha Wilkins prior to October 1 or in person at the National Grange Convention to National Grange Community Service Chairman, Pete Pompper.
  3. Getting the word out. This were we need to work together to utilize our email lists and state contacts- Through Nationals we will send out information through Good Day magazine and Patrons Chain.
  4. NG Point of Contact will be Pete Pompper

Community Service Project Report Cover Page
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