The Grange is took to the street of NYC this week to be part of the Wonderama season 7 kick-off and talking to those in the city about agriculture facts and careers as well as our wonderful organization. Several of our members will be interviewed for the national program and National Grange President Betsy Huber will took part in the ribbon cutting.

We also caught on camera some of our members in the Today Show audience before the Wonderama event began!

Bryce Danko (PA) Former National Junior Grange Ambassador, Bryce Danko (PA), was a special/VIP guest at the filming of Wonderama season 7!  Bryce spoke  with the shows host David Osmond about his time in the Grange and his time as a volunteer firefighter in the rural community of Liverpool, PA.

Rhode Island Junior Grange member, Nettie Hartley, was also a special/VIP guest at the filming of Wonderama season 7!  She is going to be speaking with the shows host David Osmond today about her time in the Grange and the amazing community work she is doing in her rural community of North Scituate, RI.  Nettie loves volunteering her time with children and has big plans to continue working with children in her future.

The Grange sees RI Junior member Nettie Hartley getting time on the big stage to talk about her volunteerism and involvement with the Junior Grange. National Membership/Leadership Development Director Amanda Brozana Rios was interviewed about the Grange and taught co-host Chucky a bit about US agriculture and National President Betsy Huber helped kids explore ag careers.

The Grange made an impact, educating people about ag facts and careers in Agriculture.

Nettie Hartley (RI)