The Super JG Award is the highest level of achievement an individual Junior Grange member may obtain. This award is set to prove that the candidate can demonstrate a superior knowledge of the Junior Grange.

This award is supervised and administered by the National Junior Grange Director. All candidates are expected to submit a completed application and all required documentation.

A special pin and certificate will be presented to each Junior Grange member who meets requirements. The Super JG application and documentation will be displayed at the National Grange Session and those receiving the award will be recognized during the Junior Grange Breakfast.

All of the following must be submitted/obtained to receive the award.

  1. Must be a JG member for a minimum of 2 years.
  2. Submit a copy of Super JG written test
    • Test may be scored by State Director. But, score will be confirmed by National Junior Grange Director. A score of 80% or higher is required to pass.
  3. Must be able to recite the Junior Grange Pledge and display the Junior Grange Grip
  4. Enter 4 or more National or State sponsored Junior Grange contests within the past 2 years.
  5. Recruit a new Junior Grange member
    • Junior Leader is to confirm
  6. Be able to adequately explain procedures used when opening and closing the Grange (opening the Bible, Flag presentation/retiring, and retiring the emblem)
  7. Complete a minimum of 5 merit badges from each category (Grange Adventure, Team Up America, and Discovery Network)
  8. Organize a community service project and submit information on the project along with pictures.
  9. Submit 2 letters of recommendations (1. Junior Leader, 2. Educational leader (Teacher, Sunday school teacher etc)
Super JG Award Application
Super JG Award Application

Requirements must be certified by Junior leader, Subordinate Master, or Junior Deputy.

Award applications must be submitted and postmarked by August 1st.

Super JG Award recipients will be recognized during the Junior Grange Breakfast at the National Session.

Super JG Test
Super JG Test