It would be most appropriate to present Badges to Junior Grange members during the Subordinate meeting at a time convenient to both Granges and invite parents.

The Master should call the Grange at ease. Officers seated at the front of the hall should be asked to take a seat at the side. The Altar should be moved to the side and a larger table should be used in its place. There should be 3 larger candles placed on the table, Blue for Discovery Network, Red for Grange Adventures and Gold for Team Up America. There also should be smaller white candles in holders (battery powered if you prefer), one for each member receiving a badge, placed in a row in front of the other 3 candles. Leader or Assistant Leader, Junior Master and Subordinate Master should stand behind the table at the center. All Junior Members should form a semi-circle standing on both sides of the Leader or Assistant Leader, Junior Master and Subordinate Master.

O Junior Grangers
Diagram of Merit Badge Presentation Ceremony
X Small white candles
L Leader
JM Junior Master
M Master
B Blue Candle
R Red Candle
G Gold Candle


The hall is darkened.

LEADER: The Junior Grange Merit Achievement Badge program has 3 categories, which are Discovery Network, Grange Adventures and Team Up America.

LEADER: (Will light the Blue candle and then will say–). This candle represents Discovery Network, which explores a variety of topics of interest to the young people in today’s world. JUNIOR MASTER: (Will light the RED candle and then will say–). This candle represents Grange Adventures, which encourages participation and knowledge of Grange programs, activities, Grange Ritual and history.

SUBORDINATE MASTER: (Will light the GOLD candle and then will say–). This candle represents Team Up America, teaching pride in our patriotic heritage, knowledge of and respect for local, state and federal government and involvement in community concerns.

LEADER: (At this time, a few lights can be turned on for safety, to enable all to see while moving about receiving badges and lighting candles.) Announce each Junior members’ name; the member will go around to the front of the table; Leader will then continue by listing the badges that have been earned; the Junior Master will pin the badges on at this time. The first Junior Member will take the first candle on the left, and light his/her candle from the blue candle, return the lit candle its position on the table, and go back into his/her place in line. Each member in turn, takes the next candle in line and lights it from the last candle lit, replaces it on the table, and returns to his/her place in line. The Subordinate Master will assist the Junior member, if needed, in lighting the candle. If the Junior Master is receiving badges, the Subordinate Master will pin his/hers on.

LEADER: Everyone please come forward to complete our circle, join hands and recite the Junior Pledge. (The hall should be darkened again after the circle is formed. The Junior Master will lead the Pledge.)

At the conclusion, the lights should be turned on, members should take their seats while the Leader extinguishes the candles.

NOTE: If time allows, the Junior Members can explain what they did to earn the Merit Achievement Badges. If multiple pins have been earned, the Master may pin one badge on and hand the remainder to the member in the interest of time. It is also suggested that the parents of the members be specifically invited to attend the Badge Ceremony. Get the family involved. It is especially important to invite those parents who may not be Grange members to take part in this impressive ceremony. “CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL.”