The 2022-23 National Junior Grange Ambassador is Annette “Nettie” Hartley from North Scituate, Rhode Island. When asked why she wanted to apply to be a Junior Ambassador she said that Junior Grange “is her life,” and to be at the National level helping other Junior Grange is a dream. When she was asked what her goals were as the National Junior Ambassador she replied, “to bring in more members, the Juniors are not our future, but our today. We are the next officers [at the local level] and National officers of the Grange.”

Not only was Hartley selected as the National Junior Grange Ambassador, she was awarded the National Community Service Director’s Pin by Pete Pompper. She stated that she was very surprised to be awarded it, and when she found out that her parents knew about it, she was even more surprised.

She went on to say that this project was the biggest thing her Junior Grange had done. When they first started they didn’t know if they would even hit their $1,000 goal. To find out that they had raised $5,000 was astonishing. Pompper chose to give her the award because of her tenacity and ability to meet and exceed goals for her community. 

The Junior Ambassador is available to come visit your Grange events- either virtually or in person. Please feel free to reach out to the National Junior Grange Director, Samantha Wilkins, at,  to schedule a visit today!