National Junior Grange Director Samantha Wilkins with 2022 Junior Grange Ambassadors Ryleigh Hartsell and Cade Howerton of North Carolina

The 2022 National Junior Grange Ambassadors are Ryleigh Hartsell and Cade Howerton of North Carolina.

In 2022 Ryleigh and Cade will be traveling to several regional conferences where they will be presenting workshops based on the Agriculture Awareness Project. They will also be attending the 2022 Washington DC Experience where they will receive training on how to be young advocates for the Grange, their State, and their communities.

Ryleigh and Cade are both lifetime Grange members with a long family history in the Grange. Their hope is to continue to educate members on the Junior Grange program and develop strategies on how we can increase the Junior Grange membership across the country.

They are excited to take part in learning more about the legislative side of the Grange and then in turn teaching our Junior Grange members that their voices can make a difference.

Both of these outstanding young people have already begun to make a difference in their home states and they are encouraged that they can now spread that message to Granges across the nation.

Both Ambassadors are available to come visit your Grange events- either virtually or in person. Please feel free to reach out to the National Junior Grange Director, Samantha Wilkins, at,  to schedule a visit today!