I am pleased to announce and share with everyone that the 2020 National Junior Grange Ambassadors, Bryce Danko of Pennsylvania & Brianna Gervais of Connecticut,will continue their term serving as our National Junior Grange Ambassadors for the year 2021.

National Junior Grange Director Samantha Wilkins with 2021 Junior Grange Ambassadors Brianna Gervais, of Connecticut, and Bryce Danko, of Pennsylvania. (Photo by Lindsay Schroeder)

During 2020 Bryce and Brianna rocked every task they were given. They started the beginning of their term discussing what they want to see happen over the next year. As the pandemic hit we revised some of those plans but they both continued to work extremely hard.

February of 2020 Bryce and Brianna both had the opportunity to attend the first in the nation primaries event, held in New Hampshire. During this trip they were able to learn about the national legislative process and how the election process itself happens. They had the opportunity to tour the capital building, visit different campaign headquarters, participate in rallies and other workshops.

Continuing the legislative trend they both attended the first ever, Washington DC Experience, hosted by the National Grange Youth and Junior Departments. During this time they were able to give workshops on the things they learned in New Hampshire then also learn from other Grange youth about their experience working in the legislative fields. They met with different departments, such as the USDA, and organizations such as Reuters News. They also spent a lot of time learning about Grange policies and training on how to go meet with their representatives on Capitol Hill.

As the pandemic hit, Bryce and Brianna did not let that slow them down. They continued their work by creating multiple passports, creating social media content, and hosting several episodes on the National Grange web series ‘Cultivating Connections.’

Their journey isn’t over yet! And I am sooo excited to see what is in store for 2021! They are set to do great things on this journey!

If you would like to have Bryce or Brianna attend your event (virtually or in person) please contact National Junior Grange Director-Samantha Wilkins by email at junior@nationalgrange.org.