Junior Grange Jeopardy is an exciting event that brings together Junior Grangers interested in Grange trivia and history.

Individuals have the opportunity to gain knowledge about the Grange and Junior Grange, its history, and impact on rural America.

Junior Grange Jeopardy gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the organization in many different areas, while enhancing your critical thinking, problem solving, communications and listening skills.

Age: 5-14 years of age by December 31 of the competing year!

Preparation In Jeopardy, individuals compete against each other earning points for correctly answering questions about the Junior Grange/Grange
and rural issues.


  • Each State may send up to 3 representatives to compete in Junior Grange Jeopardy to National Convention.
  • Each contestant will compete on an individual basis.
  • Contestants will earn points for each correct answer and loose points for incorrect answers.
  • There will be 3 rounds
    • 2 regular rounds
    • Final Jeopardy
  • Contestants may only move on to final Jeopardy if they have at least ‘1’ point on the score board.

The top 3 contestants with the highest scores will win a cash prize.
Contestants information must be submitted no later than Nov. 1 to the National Junior Grange Director at junior@nationalgrange.org

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