Host State Study 2017 – State of Washington


  • Capitol City: Olympia
  • Year admitted into Union:  November 11, 1889
  • Washington was the 42nd State admitted to Union
  • Year Settled: mid-18th Century
  • Bird:  American Goldfinch
  • Flower: Pacific Rhododendron
  • Tree:  Western Hemlock
  • Motto: an official motto has not been recognized by Washington State Legislature
  • Song: “Washington, My Home”
  • Origin of Name:  Named after George Washington, the first President of the United States
  • Nickname: Evergreen State


Washington on the map
Washington State Flag
Washington State Seal

Host State Study 2018 – State of Vermont


  • Capital: Montpelier
  • Entered the Union: March 4, 1971
  • Vermont was the 14th State
  • Motto: Vermont, Freedom, and Unity
  • Flower: Red Clover
  • Tree: Sugar Maple
  • Bird: Hermit Thrush
  • Insect: Honeybee
  • Song: “These Green Mountains”
  • Nickname: Green Mountain State
Vermont on the map
Vermont State Flag
Vermont State Seal