The new Junior Historian Award will represent a Junior Granger who has gone above and beyond to prove that they demonstrate a superior knowledge of the Junior Grange and Grange History. The purpose of this award is to challenge Junior Grange members to learn and become fluent in the Rituals and History of our organization.

This award is supervised and administered by the National Junior Grange Director. All candidates are expected to submit a completed application and all required documentation.

A special recognition and certificate will be awarded at the Junior Grange Breakfast during the National Grange Convention.

All the following must be submitted/obtained to receive the award.

  1. Must be a JG member for a minimum of 2 years and in good standing.
  2. Submit a copy of the Junior Grange Knowledge test.
    1. Test may be scored by State Director. But, score will be confirmed by National Junior Grange Director. A score of 80% or higher is required to pass.
    2. All tests answers must be hand written by applicant.
  3. Must be able to recite the Junior Grange Pledge and display the Junior Grange Grip
  4. Be able to adequately explain procedures used when opening and closing the Grange (opening the Bible, Flag presentation/retiring, and retiring the emblem)
  5. 200-word biography for each of the founding Grange members.
  6. Create a display about the history of your State Grange. (Submit pictures of the display)
  7. Write a 1-page typed summary of what your hopes and dreams are for the future of the Grange.
  8. Submit 1 letter of recommendation-recommendation must come from a Grange member who can vouch for your invested interest in Grange History.

Requirements must be certified by Junior leader, Subordinate President, or Junior Deputy.

Award applications must be submitted and postmarked by September 1.

Junior Historian recipients will be recognized at the National Session.

Junior Grangers must complete the Junior Knowledge Test in order to receive the Junior Historian Award.

Test may be administered and graded by the Junior Leader or State Junior Director but will be confirmed by the National Junior Grange Director.

Junior Knowledge Test is an open book test. Juniors may utilize material produced by the Grange and/or the National Grange Website, Junior Grangers must score a minimum of 80%on the test to qualify for receiving the Junior Historian Award. Highest score possible is 110%

Please return completed test to:
Samantha Wilkins, National Junior Grange Director
1616 H Street NW, 11th Floor
Washington, DC 20006

Junior Historian Application and Knowledge Test