The intent of this collaborative program between these two departments is to bring attention to the community service projects junior granges are doing.  We know that some junior granges either perform Community Service projects on their own or in conjunction with their sponsor granges.  This would also be a way to enhance the 1 Plus program by drawing attention to what a single Junior Grange is doing in their community and hopefully pique the interest of other children in that age range.

Each Junior Grange or 1 plus member would enter a short report/booklet not to exceed 3 pages (front and back).   These should include an information page about the submitting JG, which would mirror what the subordinate grange submits for their state grange report book.  The report would be for just a singular project to make it easier for the Junior Grange’s to put together the report.


  • Short paragraph about the project
  • Newspaper article
  • Pictures
  • Paragraph from the JG Leader about how this impacted the community and what the Junior Granges learned.


To be determined


Any projects completed after 12/1/2017 can be entered for this year’s contest


Community Service Report Form | FF-EMS/LEO/Teacher of the Year Award

For more information please contact

Pete Pompper
1608 Culbertson Ave
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577