This will be a suggested 12-month meeting guide.  Every January a new guide will be produced which will give a guideline to how your year of meetings could go.

There will be a suggestion of badges to work on, a low-cost craft you could do, a suggested project or Grange related activity, and many other ideas.

This is meant to be a tool for you to use at your convenience. But, you are not required to follow this guide. Use this to help a leader plan their year, use this to help start a new Junior Grange. OR use this guide when you have a busy month and need to pull a rabbit out of a hat!

Any suggestions for future year guides please send to your National Junior Grange Director at




The month of January makes me think of cold days and warm cozy fires. Let us embrace the indoor times that winter brings by warming up the kitchen. January is also Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday!

Badge: GA18-Baking-

Encourage your JRS to use the month of January to work on their Baking Badge.

As a group come up with different types of meals you could make for your family. Discuss what you think Benjamin Franklin’s favorite meal was.

Discuss your favorite types of desserts. Do you think BF liked chocolate or vanilla cake?

Hands-on: As a group prepare a no-bake cookie or dessert to celebrate Ben Franklin’s Birthday.

What were some things that Ben Franklin was known for?


Grange:  Even though the Grange was not organized when Ben Franklin was alive do you think that he would have been a Grange member?

Community Service: January means cold weather: Make and deliver “no-slip socks” to your local nursing home or community shut-ins

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The month of February has many things to celebrate but today we are going to celebrate Presidents day! Presidents day is February 21st

Badge: TUA3-Presidents-

Encourage your JRS to use the month of February to work on their Presidents Badge-

As a group learn about our first president George Washington. What were times like when he was president? Read a story about George Washington: Here is a suggestion:

Hands-on:  As a group come up with a short skit about George Washington and the Cherry Tree Legend.

Craft: Make a George Washington Hat –

Grange: Who was the first Grange President? What mark on Grange History did they make?

Community Service: February is also Valentines Day- Make Valentines Day Cards to deliver to your local nursing home.

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The month of March means it is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!

Badge:  GA14- Book Giving-

Encourage your JRS to use the month of March to work on their Book Giving Badge- Have each bring 5-10 books to donate to a local charity (shelter, school, daycare etc)  Talk about the importance of reading and giving.

Hands-on: Dr. Seuss loves to Rhyme. Play a few games with rhyming words. I like the Rhyming Scavenger hunt.

Craft: Create a Dr. Seuss Hat –

Grange: Since we are talking about words- Let us work on memorizing the Junior Grange Pledge. Try different memorization techniques to encourage memorization =, maybe give prizes to those who were able to memorize it. This could also help to earn Badge GA11

Community Service: Deliver collected books to charity.

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The month of April is GRANGE MONTH! So let us celebrate the Grange!

Badge: GA10- Public Display-

Encourage your JRS to celebrate the Grange and grow their Junior Grange! Together let us work on a Junior Grange Display.

Hands-on: Use this time to discuss how you can grow your Junior Grange and promote within the community. Use your displays to set up in your church hall,outside the Grange Hall, school building, etc…

Craft:  This year’s theme is “Follow in the footsteps of the Junior Grange” Have each JR Trace several footprints and decorate them. Each footprint should have written on them one reason why someone should join the Grange.

Grange:  Learn a song from the Junior Grange Songbook (any song about Grange)

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The month of May is a time to celebrate culture!

Badge: DN 18- Dancing-

Encourage JRS to join together and celebrate culture!  May is Cinco De Mayo so join one another in learning a traditional Mexican dance.

Hands-on: Learn the ‘Mexican Hat Dance’

Craft: Create paper mache maracas

Grange: Since we have spent time dancing let us learn all together the proper march to open the Grange and escort guests to the Master’s station.

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The month of June it begins to warm up and we think of the fun times we will be having over the Summer months.

Badge: TUA 16- Ocean Discovery

Let us join together to discover the Ocean.

Hands-on: As a group make a Sand Bucket Dessert:  and make a circle going around with each person to create a story about the ocean. (Each Jr tells one part of the story or one word before switching to the next person)

Craft: Create a ‘Straw Fish” –

Grange: Pretend that our National Grange Master Betsy Huber, was a Mermaid. How would she conduct a Grange meeting?  Pretend you are all Mermaids and Mermen and swim through the opening of the Grange.

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The month of July is surly a time to celebrate America’s Birthday!

Badge: TUA 17- Historical Figure

Have each Junior come dressed to celebrate America in their favorite historical figures costume (Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Susan B Anthony, etc) and bring a book about their character to share with the group!

Hands-on: have a  birthday party to celebrate America. Create a picture collage about famous people in American History.

Craft: or any patriotic craft

Grange: How has Grange been influential in American history? Collaborate as a group and discover ways the Grange has made a difference in your state or in your nation.

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The month of August means it is time to get ready for school and it is time to build our thoughts and make our minds ready to learn!

Badge: TUA18- Food for Thought

Have each Junior bring a vegetable or fruit to share with one another. Have them discuss how each of their produce grow and what part of the country it may grow better in .

Hands-on:  Share fruits and veggies, examine their texture, smell, size, etc….


Grange: Growth, let us give some ‘food for thought’’ on growth…. How can we grow our JR Grange? How can we get our new friends at school interested in JR Grange?  Practice the opening and closing procedures of the Grange.

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The month of September means that school is back in session and the idea of a fall breeze is in the air.

Badge: DN 17- Tree Identification

Learn about how to identify trees.  Have each Junior bring in a collection of 5 leaves from different trees. Work on identifying where they came from.

Hands-on: Go outside and look at the trees around, examine their bark, leaves, shape, etc discuss the differences


Grange:  Work on memorizing the Junior Grange Pledge

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The month of October means FIRE! It is Fire safety month so we will focus on disaster plans!

Badge: Disaster Plan- TUA 11 and Emergency Help TUA 13

Hands-On:  Look at the building you are in.  Create a disaster plan for your current location.

Practice identifying how you would get help in a disaster.


Grange: How do you prevent a disaster from happening at your Grange Hall? Discuss safety precautions that can be taken at your Grange Hall and figure out a plan to improve on the building safety!

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The month of November is a month to give thanks, but it is also the month of National Grange Session!

Badge: TUA 12- Host State

Let  us learn all we can about our HOST STATE: Washington

Hands-on:  Learn the State song of Washington

Craft: Make a fingerprint art piece of Washington

Grange: Discuss things you are thankful for about your Grange family!

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The month of December is a month of celebrations all around the world!

Badge: DN16 – Small World Project

Hands-on: Celebrate Christmas the way they would across the world!


Grange: Just spend time celebrating each other and maybe discuss what you would like to do throughout the next year!

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